Cornwall Education Strategy

Education Strategy for Cornwall 2016-20

Our Vision

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All children young people and families in Cornwall are entitled to world class education that helps them to achieve the best possible outcomes at every stage. Education is a critical element of the infrastructure of Cornwall. It will be high quality, sustainable and flexible to meet the changing needs of the residents of Cornwall from birth to adulthood. The provision of world class educational opportunities underpins and drives the development of the economic prosperity for Cornwall.

Our partnership priorities are:

  1. To champion world class education opportunities for all children, young people, families and carers and ensuring that the needs of vulnerable children and young people are met ; to provide isolated and disadvantaged adults a quality second chance opportunity when they are unable to benefit first time around.
  2. To secure high quality provision, widen local opportunities and promote equalities.
  3. To develop system-wide school-led improvement and facilitate the conversion of locally maintained settings to academies and Multi-Academy Trusts, for those wishing to convert, in a period of transition for both maintained and academy schools.
  4. To promote, protect and improve our children and young people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing in educational settings.

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Alternatively you can view the Executive Summary.

Download the Young Person's Version of the Education Strategy.

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